First People Southern Africa (2020/236874/08) is an NPO created to assist youth in remote & rural parts of Southern Africa & youth in informal settlements. We have two campsites in South Africa Western Cape & Eastern Cape, one campsite in the Kingdom of Lesotho Mohale Dam Lesotho Highlands, and a campsite being arranged in Namibia.

IYX Activities is to workshop a group of mixed Southern African indigenous youth in the following 1.Sustainable natural food growing principles & practices. 2. Bush skills. 3. Natural Healing & wellness. 4. Building with natural building principles & methods. 5. Gender & social-based conflict resolution talks. 6. Traditional arts & cultural disciplines value as well as craft making. 7. Child of the world postcard to keep the youth connected through schools & IYX we will be screening cards and collecting valuable data from children through this postcards much like pen pals but more data collection then just creating a relationship to assist the children in areas of concern.


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